Date:2017-04-23 22:06:57


The G1000 is specifically designed for consistent, uniform seed germination. To accommodate a wide range of seed types the G1000 features a temperature range from +4°C to +40°C – the lower temperatures being advantageous for prechilling to overcome dormancy. The high humidity of the unit (up to 98%) ensures adequate moisture is available for seeds, while the horizontal airflow design ensures excellent temperature and humidity uniformity throughout the growing area. The user adjustable fan speed further enhances airflow control. Externally mounted cool white fluorescent lights enable equivalent light intensities at all temperature ranges for more consistent germination. While the small 29.2ft3 (836l) footprint is ideal for labs where space is limited. Shelving is also vertically adjustable so that you can accommodate the full range of germination methods such as paper, soil, containers or other prescribed methods. Download Data Sheet


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