Zealquest Invited to Attend CSC 2021 & Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum
Date:2021-03-25 16:34:18

From March 20th-24th, Zealquest was invited to attend 2021 China Seed Congress (CSC 2021) & Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum in Sanya, Hainan province. CSC 2021 is hosted by China Seed Association (CSA), Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and the People's Government of Sanya. CSA is striving to make it be a high-end platform to promote cooperation and joint development, and create an international brand for seed industry.



Opening Ceremony


More than 2500 domestic and foreign seed industry elite attended the CSC 2021. During the CSC 2021, 13 parallel forums and 100+ professional reports were made. It reflects the features of CSC, such as releasing authoritative information, displaying corporate image, discussing scientific theories, exchanging academic opinions, collision of ideas, catching cooperation opportunities, broadening one's horizon and making friends all over the world.



Comprehensive Reports


Conference Poster


Zealquest participated in the CSC 2021 and showed the products and technologies from WALZ, CID, Regent, Conviron, LemnaTec, Golgen Marker, Agronomix, Anglia A.I., iXeed, and other partners. Zealquest's technicians exchanged with participants about the theory of products, technical characters, application skills and experience.


Communication with Participants