Phenomatics Workshop 2017 Organized by Zealquest in Shanghai
Date:2017-05-02 15:34:34

From April 27th to 28th, Zealquest organized Phenomatics Workshop 2017 in Shanghai. Different sessions from established and experienced scientist provide a deep view into tools, algorithms and everything you need for efficient, high resolution and high throughput phenotyping. The main aims of the Phenomatics Workshop are “The knowledge exchange between Europe, America and China” and “Address the issue of providing higher efficiency phenotyping and sufficient high quality data for breeding”.



More than 50 scientists from China, Germany, the United States, Britain, Holland and other countries and regions attended the workshop. The workshop concentrated on the following topics: " Data science and Computer science in agricultural biology field”, “Digital Phenotyping”, “Imaging processing and Analysis”, “New algorithms development”, and so on.



As the organizer of the service weeks, Zealquest showed the products and technologies from LemnaTec, WALZ, CID, Phenotyping Screening, Conviron, KeyGene and other partners. Zealquest had exhibited the AgriphenoTM platform aiming at plant genotype-phenotype-breeding of the future agriculture, which was widely paid attention by the attendants. The AgriphenoTM platform covers from plant genome to phenotype and finally can be applied to every single link of breeding, which becomes the best solution for future agricultural research.