Date:2017-04-25 15:35:08

Laboratory multi-sensor phenotyping platform

The PhenoCenter incorporates a measuring head that can exchange cameras during operation. Three different cameras - out of five camera types available - can be loaded into the system at once and switched during the operation. The measuring head moves the cameras across a sample area and thereby the cameras record data on the samples.

Samples can be presented in plant trays or in plates having standard multi-well plate format. To fill the sample area, automated accessories are available that can store and move in and out plant trays or plates, depending on the configuration.

The automated accessories are optional; in a stand-alone-version, the core unit can be filled with samples manually, too.

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The Phenocenter can be equipped with five different camera/sensor types, three of which can be mounted and operated at once. Manual exchange of cameras between experiments is possible. Phenocenters are delivered as standard with visible light cameras, all other camera types are optional accessories.

The visible light camera takes photographs that can be processed for data on sample dimensions and morphology together with colour information.

The laser scanner generates three-dimensional point clouds that can be processed for data on sample dimensions and morphology.

The fluorecence camera takes single level fluorescence images that can be processed for fluorescence intensity. Fluorescence - depending on light and filter - refers to fluorescing substances in the samples, e.g. chlorophyll and its degradation products.

The chlorophyll fluorescence camera, a built-in Imaging PAM from Walz GmbH, takes dynamic chlorophyll fluorescence images that can be processed for photosystem II parameters.

The near-infrared camera takes images of NIR-reflectance that can be processed for NIR intensity. With the 1450 nm narrow bandpass filter, signals relate to water content of the samples.



Technical Specifications