Date:2018-01-25 10:45:24


Plantarray is a high-throughput, physiological-based, precise phenotyping system that performs SPAC (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum) measurements for the whole-plant response to different environments. The system collects data simultaneously from all plants in the array, providing a genuine comparison between plants and their treatments, in an easy to use, not destructive and non invasive setup.

Plantarray’s complementary hardware and software provides meaningful insights to the user about the whole-plant response to physical, chemical, or biological changes in their environment.


Israeli Center of Research Excellence facility in Rehovot

Key benefits of using Plant-DiTech's solution:

Suitable for any budget – the flexible design allows you to fit the number of units to any greenhouse per your needs and financial capacities 


Plantarray Application Field

·         Study ecophysiology

·         Breeding for stress tolerance

·         Study the roots activity

·         Study abiotic stress response

·         Develop Chemicals and Nutrients

Analysis character

Measured character

·         Weight

·         Humidity

·         Temperature

·         PAR

·         Air Pressure

·         Soil water content

·         Soil water conductivity

·         Soil temperature

·         Daily transpiratio

Caculated character

·         Stomatal conductance

·         Daily biomass gain

·         Daily water loss

·         Water use efficiency

·         Transpiration rate

·         Root water fluxes

·         Relative water content

·         Individual stress index (DRI)

·         Root penetration

·         Post-harvest weight data collection


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