Date:2017-01-04 20:08:56

High-performance Field and Laboratory Chlorophyll Fluorometer

The PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometers are successors of the well-known PAM-2000/2100 instruments which were introduced in the 1990s as the first portable PAM fluorometers. Since then they have been successfully applied worldwide by numerous scientists.

In the development of the PAM-2500, particular care was taken to maintain all properties appreciated by PAM-2000/2100 users and, at the same time, to integrate state-of-the-art technology.

Essentially, the hardware and optical system are thoroughly modernized. Also, while continuing basic elements of the graphical user interface, instrument operation is based on the newly-developed PamWin-3 software.

The program permits operation under Windows operating systems on normal personal computers, but also on ultra mobile touch screen computers (UMPC).


PAM-2500 operated by the touch screen of an ultra mobile PC

Major Points of Progress of the PAM-2500

Saturation pulse as well as polyphasic rise analysis with time resolution down to 10 μs

Latest generation light-emitting diodes for all internal light sources

High sensitivity enabling high quality measurements with dilute suspensions of algae and cyanobacteria