Zealquest Scientific Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Zealquest is a leading distributor and provider of high technology products and solutions that are used in Plant Science, Agricultural Science, Soil Science, Hydrogen Agriculture,Meteorology, Ocean and Freshwater research and monitoring fields.

Zealquest have been representing many world famous manufactures and maintains a national network both for sales and service representatives. We had five offices all over China. The headquarter office located in Shanghai, with 4 branch offices located in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Wuhan.

As most of the customers come from research institutes and universities, Zealquest built a professional team with more 90% of the sales and technicians have got Ph. D or Master degree. The team has many years of experience in market promotion, technical support and after service.

Zealquest is the distributor or agency of many famous scientific instruments manufactures, such as Heinz Walz GmbH (Germany), CID Bio-Science Inc. (USA), LemnaTec GmbH (Germany), SoilMoisture Equipment Corp. (USA), Biosonics, Inc. (USA), Bio Instruments S. R. L. (Israel), CytoBuoy b. v. (the Netherlands), Spectrum Technologies, Inc. (USA), Regent Instruments Inc. (Canada), Phenotype Screening Corp. (USA), Biospherical Instruments Inc. (USA), Solinst Canada Ltd. (Canada), et.al.. Zealquest works closely with these partners in order to introduce the good scientific instruments to Chinese scientists.

Zealquest Laboratory (the former name is Zealquest Laboratory for Ecological Research) is an open laboratory of the company. All the technicians of Zealquest Laboratory have many years of research experience. We can provide the best technical support to our customers.

Together with Zealquest Laboratory, the company maintains active R & D effort with cooperating scientists to explore and develop new technologies for research field in order to offer our customers the latest and most cost effective equipments available, as well as consultant and solutions.

In order to better serve our customers, Zealquest Laboratory have organized many technical seminars in different cities of the country. In these seminars, not only the universal principles of the instruments, but also the advanced technologies and research results are introduced to the customers. The technician from Zealquest Laboratory will also help the customers to resolve the technical problems of their instruments or experiments. Over the last five years, Zealquest Laboratory have organized more than 100 public seminars, more than 4500 scientists and graduates have attended these seminars. These technical seminars have become a good communication platform between the customers and Zealquest.

In order to better understand the latest scientific and technological progress, better communicate with customers and serve customers, Zealquest Laboratory have attended many academic conferences and exhibitions in related scientific research fields. These conferences and exhibitions not only provided the customers a good chance to familiar with Zealquest and Zealquest products, Zealquest also learned much from these conferences and exhibitions. In many conferences, technicians of Zealquest Laboratory also introduced the latest technology and research results by presentions or by posters. Over the last five years, Zealquest have participate more than 70 conferences and exhibitions. These conferences and exhibitions have become a good communication platform between the customers and Zealquest.

We've excellent marketing plan and management. We look forward to working with all relevant circles. We do believe that the good products and service will lead us to a brilliant future, as well as long-term developing.

Derek Gu
Managing Director