2021 Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Herpetological Society
Date:2021-11-09 17:21:00

From November 2nd-5th, Zealquest was invited to attend the International Academic Conference on Herpetological Biodiversity and Conservation in Eurasia (HBC-EA) & 2021 Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Herpetological Society, in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The conference is hosted by Chinese Herpetological Society, A. M. Nikolsky Herpetological Society, Asian Herpetological Society, Science and Technology Commission of China Wildlife Conservation Association.


Due to the weak migration and strong dependence on the habitats, amphibians and reptiles are good indicators for biodiversity conservation and environmental monitoring. A conference on Herpetological Biodiversity and Conservation in Eurasian Countries, particularly along the Belt and Road (HBC-EA) will let academic society share their up-to-date achievements in the field of herpetological studies. It will also hopefully promote the dialogue crossing the interface between science and policy, raise the public awareness and enhance the capacity building of practitioners in biodiversity conservation, sustainable use and benefit sharing, and finally contribute to the green developments of Eurasian Countries and even the world.


The conference consists of the opening and closing ceremonies, invited reports, major talks, student talks, posters. Nearly 300 scholars from China, Russia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Tajikistan, Sweden and other countries attended the conference (some foreign scholars attended the conference through video system). During the conference, participants had carried out a wide and deep academic communication around “Heredity and evolution”, “Flora and classification”, “Breeding and Application”, “Biodiversity and Conservation of Amphibians” and “Physiological Ecology of Animals”.



Zealquest had a booth in the conference and showed the products and technologies from Qubit, WALZ, CytoBuoy, YSI, Mclane and other partners. During the conference, Zealquest's technicians exchanged with researchers about the theory of products, technical characters, application skills and experience.