Phenomatics Workshop 2017(Third Announcement)
Date:2017-04-11 10:02:06
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Date: Thursday 26 - Friday 28 April 2017
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Changfeng Park, 158 Da Du He Road, Putuo District Shanghai 200062 China
Organizer: Zealquest Scientific Technology Co., Ltd.
Qinglu Wei
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+86-21-3255 5118 ext. 8048
Celia Xi
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+86-21-3255 5118 ext. 8023
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Zealquest will host a phenotyping workshop on 26-28 April 2017 in Shanghai. Different sessions from established and experienced scientist provide a deep view into tools, algorithms and everything you need for efficient, high resolution and high throughput phenotyping.
The main aims of the Phenomatics Workshop are:
• Knowledge exchange between Europe, America and China
• Efficient phenotyping and high quality data for breeding.
• Data science and Computer science in agricultural biology field
• Digital Phenotyping
• Imaging processing and Analysis
• New algorithms development
Speakers (Being updated)
Argelia Lorence200200.gif
Argelia Lorence
Arkansas Biosciences Institute, Arkansas State University
Title: Novel Phenomics Approaches to Identify Salt Tolerance in a Rice Diversity Panel Research Interests
Research Interests
•Plant Metabolic Engineering
•Vitamin C Metabolism
•Plant Stress Tolerance
•Plant High-throughput Phenotyping
Gustavo Bonaventure, Ph.D.200200.jpg
Gustavo Bonaventure
Manager Phenotyping Application


Title: Advances in the LemnaTec Software to Improve the Analysis of Important Crop Traits

Research Interests
•Plant Phenotyping and Imaging
•Digital Phenotyping
•High-throughput Phenotyping Technologies
•Trait Biology
•Phenotyping Applications
Dr. Hanno Scharr200150.gif
Hanno Scharr
Senior Scientist

Head Quantitative Image Analysis Forschungszentrum Jülich

Title:Imaging and Image Processing for Plant Phenotyping: An Overview

Research Interests
•Quantitative Image Sequence Processing as an Analysis Tool for Scientific
•Medical and Industrial Data
Jian Jin200200.gif
Jian Jin
Assistant Professor
Department Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Purdue University

Title:Crop Plant Phenotyping: A War Between Signal And Noise

Research Interests
•To Develop the Next Generation Single Plant Phenotyping Platform
•To Push Plant Phenotyping Activities to the Next Level
Jian-jun Du

Associate Research Fellow

Beijing Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture

Title:Image-based Phenotyping Methods from Maize Growth Monitoring to Ear Measurement

Research Interests
•Computer Graphics
Liang Gong200200.gif
Liang Gong
Associate Professor

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Title:Enabling Precise Breeding by Leveraging  Revolutionary Crop Phenotyping Techniques: Methodology, Roadmap, and Key Technologies

Research Interests
•Agricultural Robot
Malia Gehan200200.gif
Malia Gehan
Assistant Member

Danforth Center

Title:Image Processing and Analysis with PlantCV v.2.0

Research Interests
•Improved Temperature Stress Resistance in Plants
•Improved Measurement of Plant Phenotypes
Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran200200.gif
Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran
Field Phenotyping Image Analysis & Data Handler
Plant Biology & Crop Science, Rothamsted Research
Title: Field Scanalyzer: Automated Robotic System for Modern High-Throughput Field Phenotyping
Research Interests
•Artificial Intelligence
•Aerospace Engineering
Qinghua Guo
The Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title: Crop 3D: a platform based on LiDAR for 3D high-throughput crop phenotyping 
Research Interests
•Application of Lidar Technology in Ecology
•Crop Phenotypic Data Acquisition
•Biodiversity Simulation
Rick van de Zedde200200.gif
Rick van de Zedde
Senior Researcher
Wageningen Food & Biobased Research Institute
Title: Rapid 3D Reconstruction of Plants and the Benefit for Plant Phenotyping and Robotics
Research Interests

Agricultural Engineering



Computer Software, Data Processing

Artificial IIntelligence

Image Analysis, Image Processing


Plant Breeding Methods

Tao Cheng200200.gif
Tao Cheng

College of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University

Title:Field Phenotyping of Rice and Wheat Crops with Ground and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Based Sensing Technologies

Research Interests
Crop Monitoring
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Based Remote Sensing
Field and Imaging Spectroscopy
Vegetation Mapping and Dynamics Monitoring
Remote Sensing Offoliar Chemistry
zhang ying.jpg
Ying Zhang

Assistant Research Fellow

Beijing Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture

Title:Micron-scale Phenotyping Quantification and Three-dimensional Microstructure Reconstruction of Maize Based on Micro-CT Scanning

Research Interests
•Plant Molecular Biology
•Cell Biology
Primary Schedule
Wednesday 26 April 2017
Thursday 27 April 2017
Talks and hands-on training
Conference dinner/party
Friday 28 April 2017
Talks and hands-on training
End of conference
Please note that there might be some minor changes due to last minute cancellation.
Registration fees
Early: By 31 March 2017
Late: after 1 April 2017
Regular Participants
RMB 1,500
RMB 3,000
RMB 1,200
RMB 2,500
Registration Fee Includes:
•Admission to all Conference Sessions
•Lunch and Dinner for Each of the Conference Days
•Coffee Breaks and Snacks
•Meeting Bag
Registration Fee Does NOT Include:
•Travel Cost
•Hotel Cost
•Local Transportation between Airport and Hotel
•City tour
*Students must be Pre-Ph.D and upload a letter of certification from their Department Chairperson at the time of registration.

This course is aimed at individuals working in biological disciplines who have little or no experience in pheno-informatics.